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Learn about the Dangers of Inhalant Addiction

Understanding the dangers of inhalant addiction and why you should start in Raleigh rehab facilities for drug addiction....   What Are Inhalants? Inhalants refers to the vapors produced by toxic substances, used to achieve a quick high. There are thousands of household and industrial products ... Read More

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Raleigh

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Raleigh: A Look at Raleigh Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment...   Raleigh is a hotbed for illicit drug use and addiction, that is not to say that Raleigh itself is not a great county, or that the state government is failing its citizens, it's more to say that the co... Read More

Raleigh Addiction Recovery Center

Learn more what is offered at Raleigh Addiction Recovery Center...   The Starting Line to Sobriety...   The physical, emotional, and mental stress associated with addiction can be severely overwhelming to both the abuser and his/her family. The decision to start the recovery process may ... Read More

Drug Use Gets 65 Arrested at Raleigh Concert

Investigators with the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency arrested 65 people at a Phish concert at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre after concert-goers complained about open drug use and drunken patrons. The agency doesn't target a particular group of fans or band, but the complaints from this v... Read More

Is Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Hereditary?

Drug Rehab Treatment Centers Raleigh NC is able to help you with your search for rehab centers. Call today for information about drug addiction treatment centers. (877) 804-1531 It is common question whether parents who suffer an alcohol or drug problem are likely to have children that will ... Read More

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