Drug Use Gets 65 Arrested at Raleigh Concert

Investigators with the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency arrested 65 people at a Phish concert at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre after concert-goers complained about open drug use and drunken patrons. The agency doesn't target a particular group of fans or band, but the complaints from this venue had been building for weeks, said Agent Josh Batten. The age range of people shot was 22 to 56, and fans had everything from marijuana to psilocybin, also known as "mushrooms." Drug use appeared to be rampant at this concert.

Addiction intervention is needed for many addicts as they don't acknowledge their substance problems (denial) and they fear the pain of stopping substances (withdrawal). If you are suffering from chronic drug use, drug abuse treatment centers Raleigh NC can get you on the path to sobriety.

What Is An Intervention?

Generally, an addiction intervention is a meeting of people who are concerned about a drug or alcohol user who needs treatment. There are different types of intervention that can be held. The one constant recommended is to have a professional interventionist guide the group, regardless of the model of intervention chosen.

Addiction Intervention Models

Direct Confrontation: The group talks with the abuser, confronting him or her about addictive behaviors, pointing out the harmful effects and negative impacts substance abuse has made on everyone's lives. Support is offered as long as the abuser is willing to go to treatment. The focus is on convincing the abuser enter treatment (which should be pre-arranged). If resistance occurs, the abuser is told if treatment is refused, no support system will continue, in effect raising the "bottom", in the hopes the person will realize it's time to go into rehab and enter the pre-arranged treatment.

Indirect Confrontation: The group meets privately, without the addict present, with an interventionist who educates them on coping with the abuser's addiction. Then, the abuser is invited but the meetings continue whether the invitation is accepted or not. Learning about co-dependency is the focus, educating the group on how to treat the addict while protecting themselves from the harmful consequences addiction brings.

Getting Help for Drug Use

Drug rehab centers Raleigh can help you. Capital Area Narcotics Anonymous (http://www.capitalareancna.com/) and Tri-County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (http://www.raleighaa.com/ ) can help you bond with fellow and recovering substance abusers.

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