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Drug treatment centers help people break the bonds of drug and alcohol dependence. From the early stages of intervention and detox through to the later stages of relapse prevention and aftercare, drug treatment centers manage every aspect of discontinuation and recovery. Residential and out-patient programs are available from drug treatment centers, with different programs available to help people in their time of need. From alcohol and prescription medications through to illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine, drug treatment centers deal with a full range of substance use disorders. To discuss getting help finding treatment centers call Raleigh Drug Treatment Centers, dial (877) 804-1531.

What is drug treatment?

The process of drug treatment is often split into two components, detoxification and rehabilitation. Detox enables the cessation of drug use, with rehab treating the precedents of abuse and addiction. Both of these components are essential to any comprehensive program, with patients often going through detox and rehab at separate facilities. A wide array of programs are available during the rehab phase, with different facilities specializing in different plans. Common options include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational therapy, family therapy, medication therapy, group counseling and relapse prevention. Drug treatment centers often specialize in particular programs, with the availability of staff and operational philosophy of each facility influencing your options.

Who needs drug treatment?

Deciding if someone needs drug treatment can be difficult as each person reacts differently to substance abuse. Common signs that someone needs help include interpersonal problems, changes to sleeping patterns, changes to eating patterns, mood swings, depression, anxiety, financial problems, and giving up favorite activities and hobbies. In general, formal assistance is recommended when someone compulsively uses a particular psychoactive substance despite the existence of negative consequences. Residential drug treatment centers are always advised for long-term addicts and those with a physical addiction. Less severe cases can also benefit from residential care in many situations. Out-patient centers can also be useful in certain cases, especially when they are combined with aftercare support.

Medical detox

Medical detox is the first stage for many people, especially those who are experiencing a physical-somatic withdrawal syndrome. Medical detox describes the process and experience of withdrawal under medical care, with drugs often prescribed to alleviate symptoms and manage the recovery process. Professional medical support is also an important element in medical detox programs. Doctors and clinicians are on hand at all times to observe patients and administer medications. While medical detox is a crucial aspect of drug treatment, it does not address the precedents of abuse and dependence. Psychotherapy and counseling is always advised following detox. Aftercare programs are also essential to any comprehensive plan.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy forms the basis of many drug treatment center programs, with different therapy modalities used to assist the recovery process. Common therapy models include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational incentives, motivational interviewing and family therapy. Behavioral principles are also widely used in conventional counseling sessions, with 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and alternative approaches like SMART recovery helping people on a long-term basis. Relapse prevention systems as part of many drug programs also use elements of behavioral therapy to promote sustainable recovery, with patients taught how to recognize triggers, avoid high risk situations and develop psychological coping strategies. If you or anyone you know is living with alcoholism or any kind of substance use disorder, it's important to reach out to a specialized drug treatment center as soon as possible. Call and speak to someone today at Raleigh Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531.

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