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The Starting Line to Sobriety

The physical, emotional, and mental stress associated with addiction can be severely overwhelming to both the abuser and his/her family. The decision to start the recovery process may not come naturally to an addict. Often times, alcohol and drug abusers feel backed into a corner by family members, friends, or even the court system to get the help they need. Regardless of the reason behind the decision to seek help, it's important to recognize how crucial the beginning stages of treatment are. Raleigh addiction recovery center offers the assistance needed to steer those who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse down the right path to sobriety.

Drug addiction and alcohol dependence don't occur overnight. These issues worsen with time and have the potential to severely affect the abuser's physical health. Overtime, the body builds tolerance to alcohol and triggers cravings, which can't be overpowered without professional help. Raleigh addiction detox centers are here to help explain the process of detoxification to those who are desperate for a positive lifestyle change.

The Detox Process

Ridding the body of the toxic substances it chemically depends on requires immediate attention from trained medical staff. Raleigh addiction recovery center offers a gradual inpatient detox program to ensure safety during this difficult process. Prior to beginning detox, certain examinations, such as blood tests, and psychological examinations allow the staff to better accommodate its patients during this time. Raleigh addiction detox centers recognize the importance of this first step toward recovery and offers several different strategies to ensure patient comfort.

Common symptoms of detox may include: night-sweats, anxiety, hallucinations, tremors, severe headaches, vomiting, and many more. Medications and/or vitamins may be prescribed at the discretion of a medical doctor. Discontinuing substances that your body relies on without the monitoring of trained medical staff is dangerous and highly discouraged. For more information about the detox process, contact AA treatment centers Raleigh.

Understanding Your Addiction

Once the physical aspect of detox is complete, Raleigh addiction recovery centers strives to help addicts better understand the reasons behind their dependence. Whether environmental, genetic, or trauma-induced, AA treatment centers Raleigh encourage those striving for sobriety to participate in the multiple therapeutic programs available.

Raleigh addiction detox centers present addicts with a variety of programs. Professional addiction specialists at Raleigh Addiction Recovery Center work individually with addicts to customize a treatment plan that will work best for them. Using both contemporary and traditional approaches during therapy allows addiction specialists to find out if there are any other mental or emotional disorders incorporated with the addiction. Evaluating the root of the cause gives those who suffer from addiction the advantage of understanding what triggers their behavior and what is necessary to control it.

A Different Approach

Many people assume therapy sessions consist of a counselor sitting across from a couch and asking a bunch of questions for an hour. However, this generalization is entertaining more than it is true. When it comes to recovery, counselors choose several different approaches to connect with struggling addicts. Because addiction strikes individuals of all ages, races, and religious beliefs, Raleigh Addiction Recovery Center hosts a variety of innovative programs involving step programs, inpatient and outpatient behavioral therapy, and even programs incorporating exercise, music, spiritual guidance, and more.

A Beautiful Place to Start

When it comes to recovery, Raleigh welcomes you with open arms. As the second-largest city in North Carolina, Raleigh offers a rather large and diverse atmosphere full of culture, universities, museums, and art. Raleigh is famous for its countless amount of stunning oak trees, which makes it an ideal spot for anyone looking to change their life in a relaxing and scenic area.

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